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Mockups and Prototypes

How we work



Every client is unique for us. We need to understand their needs and capabilities in order to have a successful project. We analyze the potential of their project and where it stands.

We take into account their business model and try to adapt to it from the beginning.



Once we have a clear view of the scope of the project we move into the research phase. We go deep into the existing scenario on the market and try to find a sweet spot for the project to stand on.

Taking into account the needs, actual and future problems we might encounter in the process and uncover new opportunities.



In this stage we will use different methodologies to find new ways of approaching the problem. We will create concepts that have patent grade potential in order to differentiate from the competition.

We will work hand in hand with our clients team in order to generate meaningful ideas that can move into the next stage.




Once the idea and the goal is clear. We will focus on developing different 2D and 3D sketches in order to analyze and test the best options.

From there we will move into the mockup and prototype phase. Testing ergonomics, scale, proportion, materials, stress tests, look and feel, etc.



After a thorough review of the selected final concept we will go full-on into developing each part of the project.

We will involve selected manufacturers, marketing strategists, business partners, thought partners, end users and every team involved in making each project a success story.


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